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Clean Sweep

One of the few reasons to have kids is to have somebody to clean out the garage. There's nothing we would rather not do on a lazy Saturday than sift through dusty furniture, broken power tools and boxes of god-knows-what that were never unpacked from when we moved two years ago. We might feel differently, however, if we knew that we might uncover something interesting—a great piece of art, say—during the garage purge. But it's unlikely that a fantastic painting or sculpture is wedged behind that shelf full of half-empty paint cans in our garage; we're much more likely to unearth a treasure at Kettle Art's Spring Cleaning show, featuring artists who are selling, trading and bartering older works of art in an attempt to de-clutter their studios. (That's right—artists are packrats just like the rest of us.) Opening reception is 8 p.m. Saturday at 2714 Elm St. with musical guest Timothy Moffett. The show runs through June 3. Call 214-573-7622.
May 20-June 3, 8 p.m.


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