Come Sail Away... To Grand Prairie

Ok, I admit it. The first non-soundtrack record that I ever bought was Styx's Paradise Theater--the one with the hologram on the vinyl. I already had the 45 of "Babe," which was one of my roller rink favorites. So, yeah, I confess, I was a Styx fan. What of it? I was 12! Foreigner? I thought that shit rocked hard when I was 10. "Cold As Ice"? Damn straight! Kansas? Kansas holds a special place in my heart, because the lefty-crunchy Reform Jewish community I was a member of growing up used to sing "Dust in the Wind" as part of our services. No, really. Yeah, I rejected every one of these faux-proggers somewhere soon after my 12th year and began to develop the refined, too-cool-for-school musical taste I have now, but I'd be lying if I said there isn't a kid still somewhere inside me who doesn't want to put on a pair of skates every time I hear "Juke Box Hero." Foreigner, Styx and Kansas hit the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie at 7 p.m. this Wednesday. Tickets are $13.50 to $79.50. Call 972-854-5111 or visit
Wed., May 12, 2010

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