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Christopher Titus was raised in an exceedingly dysfunctional family, and not only does he manage to laugh about it, but he makes it very funny for audiences as well. The stand-up comedian, who is probably best known for his dark sitcom Titus, was raised by his abusive, alcoholic dad after his mother left the family, killed her next husband and committed suicide--I told you they were dysfunctional! I wasn't joking, but Titus manages to get jokes out of all of it and delivers them in a unique and engaging way. His groundbreaking one-man show, Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, was a huge success on the stage and led to the sitcom, which aired form 2000 to 2002. Titus performs at The Improv in Arlington, 309 Curtis Mathes Way, from Thursday through Sunday. Tickets are $20. Call 817-635-5555 or visit for tickets and information.
Thu., July 22; Fri., July 23; Sat., July 24; Sun., July 25, 2010


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