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Comes in Threes

Sometimes, I think the vast majority of us forget about culture. In between Heroes episodes and multiple readings of Perez Hilton, it's easy to forget that pop culture and culture culture are really two separate things. I'm just as concerned about the fate of Peter Petrelli as anyone else, but in the coming months of television wasteland, I think it's time to reconnect with art and music and other things not covered on E! Online. Lucky for all of us, the Bath House Cultural Center has three exhibits running through the month, all designed to expose our minds to a different type of media. Outside the Lines 7 is the latest exhibition in an annual juried showcase of local and regional artists. After checking out pieces by painter David N. Rainey and sculptures by Carmelo Pampallona (among many others), make your way to The Shape of Things: Sculpture and Assemblages by Marilyn Parrish, which features sculptural compositions that emphasize the clean lines of a graphic artist, along with a quirky sense of assemblage. Finally, escape into Dallas Views and Texas Back Roads: Paintings by Dahlia Woods, which is a fascinating exhibition of paintings that look like what would happen if Monet lived in Texas. The exhibits are free and open to the public from noon until 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. The center is located at 521 E. Lawther Drive. Call 214-670-8749 or visit
June 2-30


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