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I can't help but be suspicious of an event promising free comic books. Every free comic book I ever received was a monumental disappointment. For example, the last thing I wanted to read about after leaving the dentist's office was tooth maintenance. Yet they had the nerve to hand me tooth-care industry propaganda and call it a free comic book. And couldn't they come up with something a little less obvious than anthropomorphized toothbrush and toothpaste heroes battling evil blobs representing plaque? Did they think I was so dumb that I couldn't possibly understand something a bit more metaphorical? Or just run huge "Just say no to tooth decay" ads in real comic books and pass those out instead of that junk? I was so disillusioned by the experience that I stopped trusting the pro-brushing rhetoric of the government-tooth-care complex altogether. I'm guessing that the comics to be given away at CAPE! 4, the Comic and Pop-Culture Expo, will be better. Plus, fanboys and fangirls can compete in a costume contest, meet guest artists and writers, get sketches and grab giveaways including 7,000 free comics. The World's Largest Free Comic Book Days Event takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday at Craddock Park in Dallas. Call 214-219-8697 or visit
Sat., May 3, 2008


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