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Conan Is Ownin'

Did you ever hear the tale of the Irishman who spent 16 years working the same late-night job with the promise he would soon get a promotion when another fellow (who happens to have a half moon-shaped face) would retire? Well, that day came when the half moon-shaped face man retired and the Irishman took over the coveted position. The townspeople were excited for the Irishman and how he was making his way to the top. Then seven or eight months later the Irishman wasn't doing as well as the big bosses thought he would, so they decided to bring back half moon-shaped face man to his original job. Poor Irishman was out of the job, but don't feel sorry for him. The Irishman happens to be Conan O'Brien, who is now traveling the country over for his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour. Oh, and he just signed a contract to host a late-night show for TBS. And how is the half moon-shaped face man doing? Well, let's see: no US tour, no merry band of fans (Team Coco) and no strings, bears or um, funny. Conan O'Brien performs Thursday at McFarlin Auditorium on the SMU campus. Visit and for info.
Thu., May 13, 2010


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