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Conquer Your Super Hangover

Did the Super Bowl do you dirty? Are you feeling the punishing aftermath of all-day drinking? Do you feel like an injured athlete, limping off of the field? Don’t worry, player, we have a prescription for your pain: Stretch out that overextended liver and massage it with more booze. Here’s a couple ways to do just that.

Visit Gabe at the Black Swan: If you haven’t met this local mixologist, the time is now. He keeps a stockpile of magnificent tinctures behind the bar, each little eye-dropper carefully selected from an apothecary in New Orleans for its medicinal hangover correction capabilities. What? You’ve never heard of dirtying up a martini with valerian root? That’s why we have Gabe, the drink doctor.

Jazz Night at the Amsterdam Bar: Slip into this dimly lit haunt and hunker down with an amazing beer from Amsterdam’s infinite collection. Let your hangover get a deep-tissue massage by the revolving cadre of session performers who pop in each week to set the perfect tone. If you need fresh air it’s readily available out back in the Christmas-light-tinted, spacious patio. Jazz, beer and fresh air? You’ll feel like a real human again.

Black Swan is located at 2708 W. Elm St. in Deep Ellum and Amsterdam Bar is found at 831 Exposition Ave. in Fair Park.
Mon., Feb. 6, 2012


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