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Cutting The Strings

Life isn’t going as predicted for Scotty Mankin (Kevin Grammer) in the Ochre House’s newest original play Best Seat in Town. The down-and-out car salesman really messed up when he sold lemons to the puppet mafia. As we meet him, Mankin’s on a desperate mission to track down the mafia’s puppet boss and plead for his life. Problem is, he’s been waylaid — lost and roaming through rough and tough Chilitown, an outlying neighborhood occupied by half-completed puppets. Now’s when you’re probably asking: “Hey, can this performance get weirder?” Of course it can, because Best Seat in Town is also a musical comedy. Shows have been selling out the 45-seat Expo Park theater, so call 214-826-6273 or visit to reserve your spot. Tickets cost $15 for Saturday’s 8:15 p.m. curtain. Catch the original puppet musical comedy Wednesdays through Saturdays until September 14 at 825 Exposition Ave.
Wednesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Aug. 31. Continues through Sept. 14, 2013


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