Dallas Art, Round 2

Face it: Sophomore slumps aren't just limited to burned-out college freshmen who booked it so hard their first year they have nothing left their second. Bands have sophomore slumps when they pour all their talent into their first album and are forced by their labels for a quick turnaround to capitalize on their fame. Novelists may be blocked by the critical acclaim from their first book, and sports guys may not be able to live up to the hype of a break-out rookie year. The Dallas Art Fair intends to avoid this slump and exceed the success of last year's inaugural event, which drew 5,500 art lovers to view work from 35 exhibitors from across the country and helped establish Dallas as a destination city for art. In this, the fair's second year (commence trembling), 50 art dealers (15 locals), will display their modern and contemporary wares from February 5-7 at the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG), 1807 Ross Ave. Paintings, sculpture and such will be available for purchase, and there will be a preview gala benefiting Booker T. Washington (arts magnet high school), as well as a Frida Kahlo art symposium for those who like a dose of education with their art. Sophomores welcome. Tickets can be purchased at dallasartsfair.com. For more info, call 214-220-1278.
Fri., Feb. 5; Sat., Feb. 6; Sun., Feb. 7, 2010

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