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In 2003, leading members in South Dallas' community founded Tulisoma (a Swahili word, meaning "we read"), a literary festival that invites families and published authors to gather in celebration of literacy and the power of the written word. Sponsored in part by city council member Carolyn Davis, the African American Museum, and 97.9 The Beat, the annual tradition falls on this weekend, and will offer family activities including a poetry slam and a lecture from the Reverend Michael Waters over brunch. Must-see guests include Sonia Sanchez, referred to as "a lion in literature's forest" by Maya Angelou, and Evelyn Palfrey, a romance-thriller novelist whose work has been featured in two Chicken Soup editions. Although much of the festival is free, there are a few events which require a reservation and/or a meal fee. Events are scattered at various occasions throughout South Dallas. More information can be found at
Fri., Aug. 28; Sat., Aug. 29; Sun., Aug. 30, 2009


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