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Dare To Urban Dare

Ever notice how in real life, nobody laughs when you drop a bucket of slime on a little kid? Or how giant shoes full of green pudding rarely have a flag inside? Nothing like hours of Nickelodeon game shows as a kid to set you up for disappointment years later. I mean, actual Olmec temple guards? Not dressed crazy at all. And when they catch you, there's no escape. But at least we've got Urban Dare, a hilarious race through Dallas where you and a buddy follow clues and convince strangers to enact ridiculous stunts on camera. You'll learn plenty about your city and maybe a little about yourself too. Best of all, it starts at the Ginger Man Pub. I know what you're thinking: Last time you got drunk and got talked into a human pyramid, you regretted it later. This time, though, no regrets. I dare you. Line up a teammate and sign up at for just $90 per team in advance, $110 day-of, benefiting breast cancer research. Check-in at 11 a.m. at the Ginger Man Pub, 2718 Boll St.
Sat., May 2, 11 a.m., 2009


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