Dark Lady? Eh, Been Called Worse.

Forget celebrities and the paparazzi who stalk them. Elizabethan royals and their subjects mastered the art of sex, lies and mysteries long ago, and historians have been trying to make sense of it for centuries. Take, for example, the subjects of Shakespeare’s sonnets. People have tried to uncover the identities of the Fair Youth, Dark Lady and the Rival for centuries, and A. L. Rowse (who has become one of the most well-known and controversial scholars to tackle Shakespeare and his kin) famously identified the Dark Lady herself in 1973. Telling the story of Rowse’s time and turmoil is UNT professor Andrew B. Harris in his latest play, The Lady Revealed. Catch the final performance of this new show at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Studio Theater at the RTFP Building, 1179 Union Circle on the UNT campus in Denton. Tickets are $5. Call 940-565-2428 or visit danceandtheatre.unt.edu.
Sun., April 14, 2013

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