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Day at the Movies

Twenty-four hours is not a lot of time. Though Kiefer Sutherland can make it seem like an eternity, the rest of us often struggle to get through mundane tasks in the constraints of a day. Just when we think we're making headway...boom, night falls, the day's over, and we're still not done with everything we needed to do. It's almost defeating to think about the amount of work that participants in the 8th Annual 24 Hour Film Fest manage to get done in the period of one day: writing scripts, learning lines, setting up shoots and editing. The competition was not designed to make the rest of us feel bad about not even managing to get through all of our e-mail in a day, though--it was intended to showcase the talents of local professional and amateur filmmakers who have 24 hours to bring a concept to fruition. Given only a theme, a general location, a prop for inspiration and a line of dialogue as a starting point, filmmakers let their imaginations run wild...and their Red Bull consumption run rampant. Catch a glimpse of exactly how much can be accomplished in the space of a day during screenings of the 24 Hour Video Race entries at the Angelika Dallas, 5321 Mockingbird Lane. The screenings will be held Tuesday, May 26, through Thursday, May 28, and tickets are available for $5. Visit for more information.
May 26-28, 2009


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