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Death Conquers All

So what happens to a band like Death, three church-rooted black brothers from the Motor City, playing the essence of punk way back in ’73, before the genre even had a name? Well, their demo was sent into a world that wasn’t ready for it and marketed by a record label that specialized in tender R&B, so nothing happened for Death. Nothing great, anyway. It wasn’t until their original demo was unearthed at a Detroit record store that the universe finally jelled. Thirty years later the band’s music gained a new audience. Punk zines and websites went on alert and a label was contacted to finish what should have started 35 years earlier. Death’s remaining living members finally got that record deal, and you can learn all about them and their musical prophet brother David in the new Drafthouse-released rockumentary A Band Called Death, playing at Texas Theatre through Sunday. It’s a nice break from the bang-bang summer movie, one that will restore your faith in musical divination, brotherly love and rock ’n’ roll’s ability to triumph. Visit Tickets cost $9.50 for Saturday’s 8:30 p.m. screening. It’s followed up with a DJ set by Wanz Dover and a special show by Radioactivity (featuring members of Mind Spiders and Marked Men).
Sat., July 6, 2013


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