Dem Bones

Mark Andresen


Kids these days have all the fun. Back in the olden days, a trip to a science and history museum was about as exciting as staring at a pile of old bones. Actually, that was the exciting part. At the end of the long maze of boring exhibits about moss on rocks, Eskimo migrations and just how much of North America that ancient glacier really did cover, you finally got to see a pinned-together statue that had maybe four or five authentic bones and another 500 plaster-of-paris re-creations. Who did those old paleontologists think they were fooling anyway when they pieced together a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of a couple of old cow bones and a broken buffalo jaw? Not that the kids really cared. Once they found out they couldn't make a jungle gym out of the fake dinosaur bones--or even touch them, for that matter--they lost interest and were ready to move on to the McDonald's playground. Nowadays, the Dallas Museum of Natural History realizes that young minds attached to bodies that forgot to take their Ritalin can stand still only so long before they need to explode in a fit of motion, so it implemented Outdoor Adventure Day to help dust off its stodgy reputation. The event features relay races, golf games, crafts and, for the most spastic of hyperactive kids, rock climbing. Because nothing takes the wind out of Junior's extra-caffeinated and sugar-filled sails like a rigorous vertical climb. It takes place Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Dallas Museum of Natural History, 3535 Grand Ave., Fair Park. Tickets are $7 for adults, $6.50 for seniors, $5 for students ages 13 to 18, $4 for children ages 3 to 12 and free for museum members and children under 3. Call 214-421-DINO or visit --Jay Webb

It's Reining Kids

Here's a stunner: Even though we live in Texas with all its pick'em ups, shitkickers and 10-gallons, there are kids who have never seen a real live horse. Debra McStay, operations manager for the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, says that, despite our being in cowboy country, the awe and emotion of just touching the grand creatures is new and inspiring for many a city child. Hence the museum's summer program with Connie Reeves and World of the Horse Club. June 12 kicks off the biweekly sessions with an intro to Arabian horses. In later sessions, the club will meet Appaloosas, donkeys and even miniatures. Admission for the 10 a.m. event on Saturday (for kids 8 and older) is $12 to $15, or $100 to $125 for the full season. The museum is located at 1720 Gendy St. in Fort Worth. For more info, call 817-336-4475. --Merritt Martin

Herbal Remedies

Here's a tip for you: Some of the choicest herbs are cultivated in the Navarro County town of Rice. Herbs, as in oregano, for cooking, like you buy at Central Market. The greenhouses of Generation Farms herb farm are rarely open to the public, but this weekend a Susan Taylor Tours culinary tour bus will cart city slickers from the concrete jungle to the country to learn to grow, store and use fresh herbs. The bus departs at 8:30 a.m. and returns at 2:30 p.m. June 12 from the parking lot at 8850 Central Expressway, Highway 75 and Park Lane. Tickets are $55. Reservations are required, and comfortable dress is encouraged. Call 214-766-3088 or visit --Stephanie Durham

Oscars Night

There are so few things in this life that warm the heart: puppy dogs, drinks with umbrellas, those little mints that they leave on your hotel pillow. And, of course, punches to the face. More specifically, punches to someone else's face. Watching a fight is one of those instinctive human pleasures. Even if you don't like the brutality, you still appreciate the fact that you're watching the beating instead of receiving it. To that end, you might want to check out Oscar De La Hoya's Second Annual Fight Night at Sundance Square in Fort Worth. Even though the Golden Boy is only promoting the night instead of putting up his dukes (wuss), two other gladiators--Oscar Larios and Harold Grey--promise to shed blood for your amusement. Tickets are $22 for general admission, $38.50 for reserved and $110 for VIP. Call 1-800-462-7979 or visit --John Gonzalez

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