Dick Adventures

The late actor Jeremy Brett inhabits the character of Sherlock Holmes in my imagination now, thanks to the PBS series in which he portrayed the brilliant but tormented detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Dozens of actors before and since have tackled the role, including Peter O'Toole, Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer, Peter Cushing, Stewart Granger and, heaven help us, Charlton Heston. A raft of European and Asian actors has also attempted to portray the quintessential Brit dick. But before Brett there was Basil Rathbone, the Shakespearean-trained actor who did 14 films as Holmes and became so identified with the role it nearly killed his career. Check out Rathbone in 1939's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, presented by Dr. Joan McGettigan 7 p.m. Thursday on the TCU campus (Moudy Building 164S, 2905 S. University Drive in Fort Worth). Admission is free. Call 817-257-7630.
Thu., April 5, 7 p.m.

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