Dinos Amuck

Let's see, you take various assorted techno-geek cannon fodder, give them lots of cool gadgets (possibly a couple of annoying kids too), isolate the entire group in some improbable locale and then have the latest technological marvel go horribly awry as a result of human hubris. Of course, we're talking about the works of author Michael Crichton, but which one? Sphere, Congo, The Andromeda Strain, the movie Westworld? Aliens, apes, germs and androids. The bogeymen change, but the song remains the same. Midnight this Friday and Saturday, the Inwood Theatre offers up showings of Jurassic Park, which is about various assorted techno-geek cannon fodder with lots of cool gadgets and a couple of annoying kids who are threatened when genetic manipulation goes horribly awry, T. Rex style. (Rumor is that Crichton's next work is about a bunch of chino-wearing iPhone early adopters trapped in a Bora Bora Starbucks when their wireless connection goes horribly awry, threatening all life on earth.) The Inwood is located at 5458 West Lovers Lane at Inwood. Call 214-764-9106.
July 27-28

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