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Dinosaurs, Evolved

Science has ruined my life. What happened to the good ol' days when there were just 10 or 15 types of dinosaurs? Tyrannosaurus Rex, check, Triceratops, got it. Brontosaurus, for sure. I didn't even know about the Velociraptor until Jurassic Park. So I guess Hollywood has ruined my life too, but that's forgivable. Now, at the second annual Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit at the Heard, they have life-size animatronic dinosaurs—including a Metriacanthosaurus. Now where the hell did this one come from? Give me my Stegosaurus and Pteradactyl—and whatever else came in my bag of colorful plastic dinosaur toys—and let me live in my bubble of ignorance while you expand your vocabulary of Cretaceous curiosities. The exhibit starts October 19 and runs through February 14 at the Heard Museum, One Nature Place in McKinney. Call 972-562-5566 or visit
Oct. 19-Feb. 14, 2007


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