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Dirty Dancing

A duet of dysfunction. Love drowning beneath its own surface tension. Physical interaction replacing trust and communication. It’s the new, abstract and hyper-racy performance piece Pizzicato Porno, written and told by real-life couple Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear. As you might guess by the name, Porno isn’t for younger eyes. It also isn’t for an audience who prefers an easy lay, artistically speaking. During this one-night only show, you’ll see the construction and failure of coupling as told through dance, video, weather balloons and looped violin accompaniment, compliments of Georgiou, Locklear and the hosting venue Ro2 Art Downtown Projects (110 N. Akard St.). Prepare for the deconstruction of bliss. Performance begins at 7 p.m. with reception to follow. Visit
Sun., April 7, 2013


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