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Having lived in Arlington all my life, I realize--like most of us residents--that it's a city without a great reputation for nightlife other than the regular meat market/sports bars and the endless restaurant chains. I know this, yet I still think there's hope in places where ESPN isn't the focal point--places like Caves Lounge. With plush red couches, black leather lounge chairs and a newly built outdoor patio with greenery and tiki lamps, you don't really notice that there's no football blaring on the television screens. By the way, those TVs play scenes of swimming fish and a burning fireplace only. And the jukebox is just as eclectic and wicked as the martini list.

Realizing that there was a market for his type of bar, Tommy Osbakken, the 20-something owner, opened Caves this year and says it has a New Orleans-meets-Austin feel. The bar already has a very strong following of locals and curious metroplex barhoppers. And on October 31, Caves is throwing a party for those who want to enjoy a more grown-up Halloween this year minus the same old haunted houses and boring get-togethers. Where else can you watch a live stage performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show while sipping martinis, slurping 50 cent Jell-O shots and guzzling down $1 trash can punch?

Put together by performers from Eclipse Entertainment, the Rocky Horror show will be just as interactive as the theater events playing the cult classic, but better because you get the real thing--not a bunch of goofs mimicking scenes in front of a movie screen. There will also be a costume contest in which first prize is $100. Self-dubbed "The Swankest Dive in Arlington," this lounge offers a little something atmosphere. Plus, it's the only bar in Arlington with a bright yellow Healy convertible on the roof.


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