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Do The Walk Of Life

AIDS Arms serves 2,700 clients a month. A month. That's about 90 people a day. It boggles the mind that a nonprofit organization provides medical care, testing and counseling, and medication assistance to that many people a day. Clearly, it's a major operation, and one that needs all the help it can get. And how to help, you ask? Easy—lace up your sneakers, leash the dogs and enjoy the scenery as you walk or run the 3.6 miles through Uptown and Turtle Creek. The 17th Annual AIDS Arms LifeWalk also features that venerable staple of kid fun, the bounce house, as well as live music in Lee Park for the grown-ups. You can even register your dog for $10, securing him his very own LifeWalk bandanna and letting him in on the philanthropy. Us bipeds will need to come up with at least $25 in pledges or cash to register for the event, which starts at noon in Lee Park (3400 Turtle Creek Blvd.). Visit for all the details.
Sun., Oct. 14, noon, 2007


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