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Doctor's Orders

You can go in a car. You can come from afar. You can arrive by train or by private plane. You can hitchhike like a hobo or bounce in on a pogo. It doesn't matter where you're at, the time has come to see the Cat. "What Cat is that, you say?" The one in the Hat--he's on his way! Through June 1 down in Fair Park, star Cathy Rigby will make her mark. She's been Peter Pan and Molly Brown, but now's she brought some Seuss to town. (With Mayzie LaBird and Horton, too, you'll be sure to hear a Who.) Tickets start at just 10 dollars--not a hefty price for Geisel scholars. Tell your kids and get a clue: The Cat and friends are expecting you! Seussical the Musical at the Music Hall in Fair Park, 909 First Ave. Single tickets are $10 to $58 at the Dallas Summer Musicals Box Office, 542 Preston Royal Shopping Center, by calling 214-691-7200 and from Ticketmaster's locations or hotline at 214-373-8000. For group tickets, please call 214-426-4768. --Michelle Martinez

Oodles of Unos Party Down

Ah, to be 1 year old again: the slobber, the diapers, the zwieback toast. Or to paraphrase an adage, infancy is wasted on infants. What wouldn't we give to nap all day, have someone feed and bathe us and rock us to sleep? Polaroid feels the same way and is inviting all onesomethings to the World's Largest One-Year-Old Birthday Party in celebration of their new product, the Polaroid One--cake, photos, plus a chance to win $1,000 or a Polaroid One. Translation: Goo goo ga ga. One-year-olds, their parents and siblings are admitted free to the party at the Dallas Children's Museum, 308 Valley View Center, 10 a.m. to noon. Registration is required. Call 1-800-714-5030. --Michelle Martinez

Creepy Crawling

Suddenly, our pudgy toddler is nature boy. We enable him with a bug jar and detachable magnifying glass, and by cruising our bucolic back yard for every creepy crawler. We use the catch-and-release method, although our budding entomologist wants to keep more than let go. When Daddy captured a giant gypsy moth in the bug jar, we admired it and, with ceremony, opened the jar and flung the moth to freedom, only to watch a nearby mockingbird swoop down and swallow it in midair. That's nature for you, and it's hard to explain to a sobbing pre-three. A kinder, gentler experience awaits you and your small fry at Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park, where Saturday at 10 a.m., butterfly expert and nature boy Dale Clark will conduct a caterpillar crawl through the gardens and conservatory. It's free for members and children under 3, $3 for adults and $1.50 for kids 3-11. Call 214-428-7476. --Annabelle Massey Helber


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