Don't Vote for Pedro

The first time I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, starring Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson, I had no idea what was going on. I was 14 years old, and I didn't get a single minute of the drug-addled dialogue. So maybe I should give Puerto Rican artist Pedro Velez's solo exhibition at the Plush gallery the benefit of the doubt. On display? A bizarre combination of photos of models with fake bruises, badly misspelled words pasted onto pictures and, according to the press release, a "collage-encrusted baseball bat." Maybe I shouldn't throw up a little bit in my mouth when the artist's work is described as "a coming together of multi-disciplinary approaches and contextualist strategies," since that'd be a good way to describe the macaroni collages my mom used to put up on our fridge. Heck, if misspelling words scribbled over photos is art, I've got a whole collection of valuable pieces created circa kindergarten. Maybe I can get an exhibition at Plush too? The Velez show runs Saturday through March 24 at Plush, 1222 Commerce St., Suite 403. Admission is free, but gallery hours are by appointment only. Call 214-498-5423.
Saturdays. Starts: Feb. 24. Continues through March 24

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