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Double Busey BeatDown

Is there a name for that feeling you get when you suspect the boogieman is hiding in your backseat? And if so, is it a cute French word? Answers to this and other questions posed by horror film fanatics can likely be answered at Texas Frightmare Weekend, our annual celebration of all things stabby, undead and exhumed. This year’s showcase runs Friday through Sunday at the Hyatt Regency DFW Hotel (2334 N. International Parkway, DFW International Airport) and unites those lovely humans responsible for your night terrors, like Mary Lambert, director of Pet Sematary, Veronica Cartwright and Tom Skerritt from Alien, the majority of the cast from The Walking Dead and Texas’ favorite scare tactic, Danny Trejo. Frightmare takes it further by pitting them all against one another in a series of panel discussions. My personal favorite this year is Busey versus Busey, where you’ll hear father Gary (Silver Bullet) run mouth against son Jake (The Frighteners). And since no horror film festival is complete without horror films, you can skip out of the celebrity gazing and into the screening room to see the latest stabs at scary filmmaking. Tickets range $30 to $75. Get them at
May 3-5, 2013


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