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Dreamin' in 3-D

Three-dimensional works have always captured the human imagination. Lines, colors, shapes and images are designed to intentionally force, jut and propel their way into your impressionable mind. From the interactive pop-up stories from your childhood memories to that puzzle book that always forced you to cross your eyes to see its hidden image to that infamous and mysterious Rubik's Cube, 3-D has always drawn you in and made you feel like an excited and emotional participant in the environment around you. It's a mind-blowing experience, and no one knows this more than contemporary artist J.D. Miller. Celebrate his 3-D props and pieces of colorful oil paintings and photos inspired by his travels to California. The collection, California Dreamin' will be exhibited through Saturday at Samuel Lynne Galleries, 1105 Dragon St. For more information call 214-965-9027 or visit
Mondays-Saturdays. Starts: Oct. 16. Continues through Nov. 30, 2010


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