Drift Away

Sometimes it's annoyingly cute, but other times it's kind of convenient and nice when a band’s name hints as to what it sounds like—sort of a musical onomatopoeia. Texarkana's Pilotdrift falls into that latter category. The group's lilting, chiming, unearthly rock evokes the sensation of a pleasant extraterrestrial experience, as if a glider captain had flown as high as possible, then simply released the controls of his plane. This is music that would play as a spaceship circles a secret planet, or it might be the soundtrack to your out-of-body experience. So when the group, part of the Good Records clan, takes the stage Thursday at the Granada Theater (3524 Greenville Ave., 214-824-9933), expect to be lifted gently out of your seat and float lightly on a sea of lovingly processed sounds, sprightly, spine-tingling guitar fills and synthesizer melodies. Sometimes the band indulges successfully in heavy, layered orchestration, sometimes in graceful musical pirouettes; but don't worry, now that Explosions in the Sky has somehow made this type of music safe for jockdom, Pilotdrift's delicate side won't affect your manlihood. St. Vincent and Red Monroe open. Tickets are $10 to $14. Call 214-824-9933 or visit granada-theater.com.
Thu., Dec. 28

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