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Driving For Boobies

We don't have to go out of our way to spice up breast cancer; it already has two attention-grabbing words. Though, in truth, we'd much rather see the word "breasts" coupled with "firm" or "luscious" or "ginormous." But thanks to 25 years of work on the part of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, ta-tas everywhere—be they itty-bitty, voluptuous, perky, lopsided or any other shape or size—are closer to a cure for breast cancer. And for the 12th year, Komen is partnering with BMW to raise funds for the nation's knockers through BMW Ultimate Drive, a chance to test-drive popular Bimmers and get a peek at the not-yet-released X6. For each mile test-driven, BMW donates $1 to Komen. Ultimate Drive happens at BMW dealerships in Fort Worth, Irving, Dallas and Plano this week. Visit for details.
Mon., April 21, 2008


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