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Emergency Art Contraception

Taking further the argument against creation’s flipped ignition switch is the Saturday night show at Oliver Francis Gallery (209 S. Peak St.), TINAY/IDNCTBH (SRTAMHMWF), or THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU/I DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE HERE (Schopenhauer recalls the abrupt moment his mother was fertilized). The gallery has culled submissions locally and beyond for the project, and those entering work must agree to a few unorthodox terms of use. First is a list of suggested topics one might consider while making their work, which include but are not limited to: antinatalism, voluntary human extinction movement, environmental protection, China’s one-child policy, “preventing greater evils” and eugenics. Once those topics have been fittingly addressed, art contributions are judged by a higher power. Those deemed unnecessary are sequestered to a back room with their fellow rejects. After the show, they’ll be lit aflame. Consider it population control, you know, for art. Visit It runs from 7 to 10 p.m.
Sat., April 13, 2013


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