End Of Line

In 1982, several major events occurred. The first artificial heart was implanted. The Weather Channel debuted on cable. But looking back, the most important thing that happened in 1982 and perhaps the entire twentieth century was the release of a movie called TRON. When it was released, TRON blew minds and soon became a cult classic. The script ain't David Mamet but there are some superior performances by Jeff Bridges and my favorite evil character actor, David Warner, who does triple duty as corporate dickhead Ed Dillinger, evil digital dickhead Sark and the voice of the malevolent Master Control Program who rules the psychedelic game-world with an iron cyber-fist. Even by today's standards, the effects are pretty impressive, and the Light Cycle race makes the Pod race in that stupid Star Wars prequel look like NASCAR. Do yourself a favor, experience TRON Friday and Saturday at Landmark's Inwood Theatre at midnight. Visit Landmarktheatres.com for more info.
Fri., June 13; Sat., June 14, 2008

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