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Even Her Name Is Hilarious

She’s gone from Chelsea Handler’s sassy panelist to star of her own popular television show, and now Whitney Cummings will bring those size-zero jeans of hers to the White Swan Building at House of Blues (2200 N. Lamar St.). She’s a favorite because she’s bold, flipping the old “women are like this” and “men are like this” stand-up tropes around in a way that assumes we’re all pretty damaged. Plus, homegirl’s got a mouth on her and it’s big enough to earn her a roaster’s chair on those Comedy Central specials. That’s where she proved brazen enough to take stabs at Joan Rivers, like “Joan, I loved you in The Wrestler.” And: “Joan’s done some TV: I just saw her vagina on an episode of Deadliest Catch.” Cummings keeps busy, so take advantage of this chance to see her do stand-up in the flesh at 8 p.m. Friday. Tickets cost $35. Get ’em at
Fri., Oct. 25, 2013


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