Expectorate the Unexpected

Jeez, what is up with you parents these days? You start prepping your kids for the SAT in preschool. Between soccer, music lessons and specialized summer camps, every minute of the poor tykes' lives is programmed. Now comes this—an announcement of luge slider class and tryouts in Southlake, for kids 11 to 14. By God, in our day, kids that age knew plenty about hocking a greenie without no fancy seminar to teach...oh, wait. Our editor says it's pronounced loozh. The "e" is silent. Very different. Apparently, the Verizon-USA Luge Slider Search teaches kids the finer art of sledding and puts them on wheeled luges to tryout for a chance to train for the USA Luge team. The event is $15 to enter and takes place Saturday and Sunday on East Highland Street near Chapel Boulevard in Southlake. For more info, visit usaluge.org. Carry on, parents.
Sat., Sept. 9; Sun., Sept. 10

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