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Experience the Gridiron

So your 13-year-old's been bugging you about getting Super Bowl tickets, and your only response is an unequivocal, "What are you, nuts?" "Why it's even in Arlington," he argues. "We don't even have to fly anywhere." "And we never will again if I have to pay for Super Bowl tickets," you tell him. You search for some other way to mollify his insatiable need to spend. Repeated trips to the mall just don't do it; he needs a Super Bowl tie-in, and then, lo and behold, you find one--The NFL Experience. It's local (Dallas Convention Center), it's affordable, ($25 for adults, $20 for children under 12--dammit), it's timely (Thursday through Sunday and February 2 through 6) and it's well, just plain Super: at 850,000 square feet, the largest Experience in the event's history. It will be packed with interactive football games, NFL coach chats in a simulated NFL locker room, autograph sessions with real live NFL players, a memorabilia show and the big money maker--a 30,000 square foot NFL Shop featuring NFL licensed merchandise for all 32 teams and Super Bowl XLV. Caveat empty: This last attraction could set you back as much as Super Bowl tickets. For more info, including tickets to an adults-only football party, call 866-849-4635 or visit
Jan. 27-Feb. 6, 2011


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