Extreme Numeric Matching

You’re likely sitting on a half-dozen wedding invitations for the evening, since wedding bliss and numerology go strangely hand-in-hand. Ignore them. Who makes their friends and family attend a Wednesday night ceremony simply so their anniversary is tougher to forget? People on the outskirts of your social circle, that’s who. Your problem is that you need a new, hipper social circle. One that celebrates these milestone dates with style, with flare, with booze and bass. You need 12-12-12 at Circuit 12. The gallery goes tri-numeral on Dallas’ collective ass by celebrating the most important 12 of all: the 12-inch vinyl record. Yeah, guys: It’s a record party! Your (you guessed it) $12 admission gets you deep tracks with all the pops and crackles from DJs JT Donaldson, A1 and Tyrone Smiley, and cocktails, beer and non-alchoholic bevies to improve your dance moves. Plus, it’s Circuit 12, so there’s great art all around you, at every 12-point turn. It runs from 7 p.m. until, of course, midnight. Visit facebook.com/circuit12 and hit “Events.” Oh, and it’s 21 and up, which is just 12 in reverse.
Wed., Dec. 12, 2012

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Circuit 12 Contemporary

1811 Levee St.
Dallas, TX 75207



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