Facing Indy's Fear

When recently mulling over just how much I remind myself of Harrison Ford and the many rugged cinematic icons he's personified, a few undeniable similarities became apparent.
First, there are the all-American good looks. Next, there's the affinity for the male "one earring" statement. Above all, though, the most telling evidence comes from a mutual fear of snakes that's shared with Indiana Jones. Indy hated only Nazis more than snakes, and boy, I couldn't agree more. My "hates" list: 1. Nazis. 2. snakes. 3. mayonnaise, which we never see Indy eat. (And we see him eat bugs! Do the math.) All this makes the Heard Musem's exhibit Rat Snakes to Rattlers especially notable. More than 50 live snakes will be on display here, along with many interactive demonstrations that'll sort fact from fiction. This is a chance to conquer fears or just to appreciate and learn. Ticket prices vary, and I suppose that's our biggest difference...Ford can get the senior discount. The Heard Museum is located at One Nature Place in McKinney, and more info is at 972-562-5566. --Matt Hursh

Lion Around

Parental discretion not advised: not for KERA's "Share a Story" initiative and not for kids who want to become better readers and see their PBS faves, including, this week, Leona from Between the Lions on June 6 at the Fort Worth Public Library, where the event will be free at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. --Mark Donald

Gone Fishin'

Scene from this boy's life: A lad and a man sit on the edge of a lake, fishing poles in hand. Ah, the fresh air, the boy thinks, the tradition, the purity, the..."Oh, sweet mother of God, I'm bored! For this they hauled me out of bed!?" But maybe your waif was born to angle. The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens is offering the opportunity to find out with its Junior Angler Adventure from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. June 7. --Patrick Williams

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