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Fashion by the People

Celebrities are always attending red carpet premieres where they flaunt their chiffon dresses and skinny black ties. If you're a believer that these trendy socialites are current with the latest fashions because they pick up a copy of Vogue every day, get real. They have stylists who are paid to make them look like sex-on-a-stick. Unfortunately, Rachel Zoe isn't available to us mere mortals, as we're still waiting to hear back from her publicist. However, People StyleWatch has come to the rescue to bling up your wardrobe with its celebrity stylists. This program features style consultations from the mag's StyleWatch expert and informative sessions where you get tips on the latest fall fashions. The event includes lots of swag (you'll receive a lookbook and gift bag), insider beauty tips from Clinique and a glimpse at the latest jeans trends featured inside the Denim Bar. The styling soiree takes place from noon to 6 p.m. every weekend in September at The Shops at Willow Bend, 6121 West Park Blvd. The event is free. For more information, visit
Fridays-Sundays, 12-6 p.m. Starts: Sept. 2. Continues through Sept. 30, 2011


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