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Fat-Bustin' Bob

Forget your Jenny Craig No-Carb South Beach diet and your Yogalates workout program at Gold's Crunch Fitness Palace. Dr. Robert Huizenga (creator of the diet and exercise plan for NBC's The Biggest Loser) is in town and he's pushing a whole new way to get healthy. I'm guessing his book, Where Did All the Fat Go?, will reveal an all-new, mind-blowingly simple (but innovative) approach to losing the weight and keeping it off by working out and eating vegetables more and Baconators less. Apparently, we were all focusing on "weight" loss when we should have been focusing on "fat" loss. Duuuuur, y'all! We're so dumb and fat. Tuesday, see Dr. H promote his new book on Fox 4's Good Day Dallas. (He could've at least gone on Good Morning Texas so we could eat doughnuts outside the studio windows, but nooooo…) Visit
Tue., Jan. 15, 12-2 p.m., 2008


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