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Feets And Strengths

I run only when chased. I make an exception to that rule, but it involves a limited number of doughnuts, a large group of cubical workers and a short jaunt to the communal kitchen. Otherwise, inertia and I are best bros. Lifemates, really. So no, I do not understand the overachievers who enroll in the Badass Dash, a marathon run loaded with military-style obstacles. Fortunately for me and you, it’s too late to register. That’s why I encourage you all to join me on Saturday morning when I show up to the track, at Underground MX (7353 FM 3396, Kemp), with a giant box of doughnuts. I will proceed to eat slowly and methodically as the athletes climb walls, scamper across horizontal ladders, cross water obstacles and do other things that look terrible, even for soldiers. Let’s pick crumbs off our shirts and press them into our mouths as we laugh, covered in powdered sugar, happy that we are not them. Visit for times.
Sat., March 2, 2013


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