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Filipino Pickle

So our movie guy here gets to do the Sundance bit and interview famous actors and directors and yell at Hollywood for a lack of intimate movies. Thus it's always with great hope that he'll sign on for any blurbs regarding film, considering his encyclopedic knowledge of the cinema. Or at least the number of books in his office. But he was conspicuously absent for this blurb--about a 1970s Filipino film that tells the tale of Tahimik and his dreams of becoming the first Filipino in space. He can wax poetic about Cavite in last year's Asian Film Festival ("Asian Delights," Aug. 19, 2005) that was from, oh let's see, where was it? Ahh yes, The Philippines. But here I am writing about Mababangong Bangungot, the apparent translation for Perfumed Nightmare according to Thanks, Wilonsky. The 1977 film is presented as part of TCU’s KinoMonda Film Series, Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Sid Richardson Lecture Hall, 2955 S. University Drive in Fort Worth. Call 817-257-7292 or visit
Wed., Feb. 8


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