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Flamenco Fancy

Recently in this section, I mentioned my country and western music phase, which played a crucial part in my greatest heartbreak. Just before that, I went through a whole smooth jazz/New Age stage that was brought on by my discovery of the Oasis radio station. Why I latched onto that, I'll never know. I thought I was the coolest 19-year-old cat ever, listening to sophisticated jazz while all the kids were doing their teeny-bop scene. David Benoit, Richard Eliot and even Yanni were all in my graces as well as on my CD shelf. But the musical alienation from my friends was too much for this teen, shocking me back into mainstream spoon-fed music. Meaning, you won't find me at the Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra show 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Lakewood Theater, 1825 Abrams Parkway. For tickets, visit or call 214-821-7469.
Tue., Jan. 23, 7 p.m.


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