If someone finds out you're a fan of the show Flight of the Conchords, there's always one question they want to ask: Bret or Jemaine? But I think people need to delve deeper under the surface of the show and ask the real, tough questions like: Murray or Dave? Come on, you remember Dave--Bret and Jemaine's friend (played by comedian Arj Barker) who still lives at home yet doles out relationship advice to the dynamic duo like some kind of stud. Well, the guy never really got enough play on Flight of the Conchords, but now the real-life version of him is coming to Dallas to do stand-up at Hyena's Comedy Nightclub, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, so be sure to check him out. Barker performs this Thursday through Saturday, and admission is $10 with a two-item minimum, or $15 for preferred seating. The club is 18-and-up only, so leave the little high school fangirls and fanboys at home. For tickets and more information, call 214-823-5233 or go to hyenascomedynightclub.com.
Thu., Jan. 14; Fri., Jan. 15; Sat., Jan. 16, 2010

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