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Flipping Out

In high school, our favorite part of economics class had nothing to do with learning about supply and demand. It was sitting in the back of the room and making a flip book out of our SpongeBob SquarePants mini notebook keychain (don't even act like you didn't own one; SpongeBob was on fire back then). Drawing stick figures chasing each other around with swords definitely helped pass the time. So pardon us if we get nostalgic this Sunday when The Center for Art Conversation (4101 Commerce St., Suite 6) holds a flip book workshop as part of their Paper Works by Paper Nerds series. You can either book it now for $35 or wait to pay $40 at the door. Totally up to you, but dude, seriously, call now. We didn't give them a Best Of award last year for nothing. For more info or to check out additional classes, visit or
Sun., March 28, 1-3 p.m., 2010


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