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Flow forth, Romance

David Garrett looks like he should be emblazoned across one of your mom’s old romance novels, edging Fabio out with the dull end of a giant sword and ripping bodices off some busty Ren-Faire enthusiast. The blond hair flows, the perfectly groomed stubble glimmers against his tanned skin and for Christ’s sake — those eyebrows. But Garrett is not here for your viewing pleasure — noooo. The German violin prodigy is here to mesmerize you with his stunning renditions of Coldplay hits and Queen anthems … with a sprinkling of concertos and sonatas for good measure. Ignore the allure as he tosses his golden mane while mastering both traditional and crossover pieces on his stringed instrument. Focus less on his magnificent pout and more on his symphonic virtuosity. This man is a musician, and for that, he deserves your rapt attention as he sets ears aflame and puts bodices on notice during Music: A Gala Night with David Garrett at the Winspear Opera House, 2403 Flora St., at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Tickets cost $33 to $49. Visit
Tue., Jan. 14, 2014


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