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Forbidden, but not unfunny: the staff of Forbidden Media
Forbidden, but not unfunny: the staff of Forbidden Media

Forbidden's Fruits

The shop situated in Exposition Park feels like what Tom Waits' voice sounds like. It's edgy; it's at times macabre, and it's got a great sense of humorous realism. And like the voice that became increasingly iconic over the years, Forbidden Media has evolved into its own landmark destination. Fairly adult, but not always mature, the store is replete with hard-to-find films amid interesting and eerie art/décor. It rarely disappoints, and meeting that challenge for 10 years is quite an accomplishment.

If you're a regular or just a fan of the not-so-normal, celebrate with the gritty, goofy and ghoulish shop around the corner. Forbidden Media is hosting an event to commemorate and say thanks for its 10 years of evolution and success here in Dallas. Thursday at the Magnolia Theater, Forbidden will offer a free screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain. Following the film, Forbidden Gallery & Emporium (former Forbidden Books & Video owner Jason Cohen's venture) will host an anniversary party featuring the music of The Pointy Shoe Factory and The Wild Bull Orchestra. The event is free, but a $5 donation is requested, and since we value the oddity that is Forbidden, we think a fiver is a pretty cheap means of keeping it around.

In the past, Cohen and present owner Ben Moore have floored us with some pretty serious shindigs, and whether they were "drive-in" screenings at XPO, outrageous Halloween extravaganzas or quiet book readings at the shop, they have always been memorable. Per the precedents, there is no doubt this event will surely live up to the moniker "Forbidden."


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