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Much attention has been given to the newly announced AFI Film Festival in Dallas, which begins next year. It used to be the Deep Ellum Film Festival, but the AFI tag probably gives it a bit more clout. Hopefully the attention doesn't take away from a small fest across the Trinity, The Magnolia at the Modern series' third annual film festival. Though a small fest of seven films, it has some promising gems. In Special, Michael Rapaport is the Everyman who, after taking medication, believes he has superpowers. It's potentially both funny and disturbing, as he goes out to stop crime while those around him wonder if he's losing his mind. And finally, for once he doesn't do the black white guy shtick. Forest Whitaker makes his Oscar run as Idi Amin with The Last King of Scotland. It's easy to see it as this year's Hotel Rwanda, but the trailer comes off as way more intense and obviously horrific. Give thanks to Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Christopher Kelly for scouting out the other fests to bring them back home. Modern Cinema: Great Movies You Haven't Heard of Yet runs Friday through Sunday at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, 3200 Darnell St. Call 817-738-9215 or visit
Sept. 29-Oct. 1


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