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Frickin' Lasers

We're not quite sure what the genesis of the Pink Floyd laser light show tradition actually is, but we hope it's this: Way, way back in time—you know, the '70s—geeky young scientist types who worked at the museum were bemoaning the spiraling popularity of the planetarium. Whereas wholesome youngsters once flocked to it as a place of learning and entertainment, by mid-decade they were more interested in Foghat 8-tracks and bongwater than comets and supernovas. The scientist types endure several all-nighters in the museum breakroom, trying to find a way to lead the youngsters back, but to no avail. But suddenly, one day one of them accidentally eats a pot brownie just as Dark Side of the Moon is cued on the hi-fi at the Christmas party. "Eureka!" he shouts. "I've got it! We'll blow their freakin' minds!" And the Pink Floyd Laser light show was born. The beginnings may have been humble, but the show has since moved out of the dusty halls of science and into giant venues, such as the Nokia Theater (1001 NextStage Drive in Grand Prairie) where Paramount Productions will blow your freakin' mind indeed on Friday. Don't expect some podunk production—Paramount's version of the old chestnut features a laser display that will make your brain sparkle more than a bag of Northern Lights. Call 214-373-8000 or visit
Fri., Jan. 5


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