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Comedies are not France's best-regarded export. No, they don't even fall in the top ten. Surreal, suspenseful films (and, of course, bread) are more what they're known for. Yet they do crank out a occasional romcom that American audiences eat up faster than a plate of frites. Hors De Prix (Priceless in the US) is one, starring the inimitable Audrey Tautou. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth continues its Magnolia at The Modern series of critically-acclaimed films with the latest offering from director Peter Salvadori (After You). Priceless, a variation on the Cyrano tale, is about Gold-digging Irene (Tautou) who mistakes a bartender for a rich guy. He falls for her and wackiness ensues. What more could a moviegoer ask for? Not much, critics are saying, as this film is touted as both fun and well-crafted. Tautou, best known to Americans as Amelie, is always gorgeous and a delight to watch. The French may not be masters of the comedic, but style they do know, and this film serves as a perfect canvas for Tautou to prance around wearing designer dresses in lavish surroundings. Check it out Friday through Sunday at the Modern, 3200 Darnell St. in Fort Worth. Visit for prices and showtimes.
Fri., May 30; Sat., May 31; Sun., June 1, 2008


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