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Fun With Prejudice

The Black-Jew Dialogues is a hysterical look at racial prejudice throughout the ages. Yes, hysterical. Yes, racial prejudice. But before you send flaming hateballs my way, let’s just see what this thing is all about, shall we? Ron Jones and Larry Jay Tish (that’s not the funny part) “spent three days together in a cheap hotel room (again, not the funny part) discussing their own experiences, the history of their people and why there has been a growing rift between the two groups since the early '70s.” The result was the Black-Jew Dialogues, a two-actor play composed of sketches, a little improv, some puppets and a game show. Through it all, Ron and Larry promise “you’ll learn as much as you laugh” and thank goodness, too, because my historical prejudices are getting a little rusty. The Black-Jew Dialogues is appearing at University of North Texas’ Lyceum Auditorium, 7 p.m. Monday. Admission is free. Call 940-565-4909 or visit
Mon., Feb. 20, 2012


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