FWMSH Is Keeping An Even Keel

Somewhere back between ages 13 and whatever fascinating age I am now, I misplaced my balance. Shortly after middle school, I found roller skating beyond my grasp, and now occasionally walking on a slope seems challenging...but then that could be a margarita at work. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's new exhibition Balancing Act looks at the one thing we all use, but could also all improve--unless you're a tightrope walker or something. Balancing Act is perfect for kiddos, what with a "Turvey Tunnel" akin to a fun house, balance boards, toys, challenges and even a balance guide buddy named Level. Sure, it's educational, but it's also entertaining--aside from the experiments, let's be honest, you know someone's going to fall down, and that's always funny. You know, unless you're older than 30 and aren't in a foamy balance exhibition. Take it from me. Clumsy is my middle name. Balancing Act runs through May 9, 2010. Admission to the exhibition is included with regular museum admission ($14 adults, $10 children and seniors). The FWMSH is located at 1600 Gendy St. and is open daily (save December 24 and 25). Call 817-255-9300 or visit fortworthmuseum.org.
Dec. 19-May 9, 2009

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