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Get On a Boat

Apparently the new song of the summer is "I'm on a Boat" by SNL funnyman Andy Samberg's group Lonely Island. I would sing a few lyrics for you, but I can't in case there're children reading this (no time for angry parents), and well the title is pretty self-explanatory. Just take it from me, this is an entertaining song, and even more enjoyable if you happen to be on a boat while listening to it. You don't own a boat? No friends with boats? You need new friends, or you could attend the Dallas Boat Show and Sale this weekend. I'm sure they will let you sit in the captain's chair while wearing your Jimmy Buffet T-shirt and imagining that Market Hall has transformed into a massive body of water with fish jumping into the air. We all know times are tough, but if you do decide to buy a boat or even trade one, then the Dallas Boat Show wants you to know they offer the best in nautical shopping. Put on your skipper hat, and sail down to Dallas Market Hall (2200 Stemmons Freeway) this weekend, Friday through Sunday, for The Dallas Boat Show and Sale. For more information on tickets prices and show hours, visit Unfortunately, neither Samberg nor T-Pain will be in attendance.
July 17-19; July 24-26, 2009


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