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Get Physical


Nothing in yoga seems quite as embarrassing as being stuck in the plow position while your curious feline investigates the posterior of her strangely inverted owner. On the other hand, there's always the possibility of flatulence during your first ever Bikram class. Not that we speak from personal experience on either of these issues, but you shouldn't let such trifles discourage you from checking out Yoga for Life's 2005 Yoga Expo. If you've ever been curious about this ancient practice or related disciplines such as Pilates and meditation, the Yoga Expo offers a taste of these Eastern exercises in the form of half-hour "mini classes." Not interested in getting bendy? The expo will also feature Indian Classical Dance performances, an introduction to Ayurveda (healing using herbs, massage, nutrition and more), a session on understanding herbs, Art of Henna tattoos and instruction on using a neti pot (which is like a tiny watering can for cleansing the sinuses). And, best of all, the classes and demonstrations are free, and snacks and drinks will be provided. We can't guarantee you won't encounter difficult asanas (yoga positions) or untimely bodily functions, but we can guarantee it will be better--and healthier--than your normal weekend in front of the TV. Yoga for Life's Yoga Expo 2005 takes place 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. January 8 and January 9 at 12835 Preston Road. Visit or call 972-392-9642. --Michelle Martinez

Dirt Devils

Wanna sport that invites combinations of injuries--the kind that produce sounds that make one's butt involuntarily clinch and stomach drop a good three inches? Hello, arenacross. The motorcycle-oriented sport combines lots of dirt with ample two-wheel powered jumps and stunts, which allowed pro rider Tommy Hofmaster to rupture his spleen, break several hand bones and collect a bit of blood behind an eye for some sweet blurred vision. And that was just during a practice for the first round of the National Arenacross Series--the series that hits Reunion Arena, 777 Sports St., at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and noon Sunday. Tickets are $18 to $20 or $5 for the kids. Call 214-373-8000 and check out We recommend full leathers and helmets for audience members, too. You know, just in case. --Merritt Martin


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